T C Sarcoidosis Support Group-C - SHARING, and CARING while keeping up on RESEARCH
                           T C SARCOIDOSIS SUPPORT GROUP - C
SHARING and CARING while keeping up on RESEARCH
Our focus IS on AWARENESS.

                                Welcome to our Support Group website.

This website will contain information from research resources, and Clinical Trials available for the Inflammatory Disease Sarcoidosis. an immune modulated inflammatory disease). Sarcoidosis is an Immune System Disorder.

I will also post any Physician/Doctor's that specialize in Sarcoidosis.
I will only post information on a physician according to what information is available to the general public-example specialty, length in practice etc.

We want the community to become familiar with the name Sarcoidosis. We have found that this disease is not as Rare as first thought.
 Please continue to visit us as we continue to add new information and updates to our website. This Sarcoidosis Support Group started January 2009 in Traverse City, Michigan.
Welcome 2019! Happy New Year to All!

Welcome 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR to All

April 18,2011. A huge THANKS is in order to our Governor Rick Snyder. This April he signed a Proclamation declaring April as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month for the State of Michigan. Most States now have a Sarcoidosis Awareness Month.
We can get excited to know that our voices have been heard. Let's work together forward in celebration, and hope for answers to this often misdiagnosed diseased.

Cheryl Cheatom, Founder/Group Coordinator
Contact Information:
P O BOX 3325 Conroe Texas 77305 
sarcoidosisteamican@gmail.com- Sarcoid Support Group
1-855-550-1500 OR 231-392-6243
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